Chula Vista Futbol Club is a soccer organization whose mission is to foster the tactical, physical, technical, and mental development of our players at all ages and competitions. Our objective is to produce healthy competition among our players further to develop the Club, teams, and individual growth. Our ultimate goal is to create life-long supporters of Chula Vista Futbol Club and the game of soccer.


The values of the Club are many, but we would like to highlight our four core values. All related to each other for ascending growth.


Desire to overcome any obstacle. As an entity, Chula Vista FC progressively demonstrates its desire to increase its capabilities offered to its players, staff, and families, serving both personally and athletically. The constant eagerness to overcome obstacles must also be present in every activity we do, trying to improve ourselves to make us better today than the day before. 



We will face the opponent as a team, not as individuals. Only through joint effort in games and training, according to which everyone within the Club identifies themselves, will it be possible for us to achieve that continuous improvement to which we aspire.


In our organization, we instill sincere regard for all parties, specifically those who share our sport: The officials, the opponents, the coaches, and supporters, because, without them, we would not have the game.


We expect our players to play the game with passion, no matter the outcome. To feel victorious, someone has to handle defeat. Even though we do not like to lose, we will know how to lose because we will experience it. We will learn from our mistakes, better ourselves, and realize enjoyment can be found in all aspects of the game. We are firmly convinced that to improve, we must be passionate about what we do. In the day to day operations of the Club, we program numerous activities so that soccer is a space of competitive fun, team building, and a learning 


As Members of Chula Vista FC, you are expected to place the Club ahead of the team, and the team ahead of the individual (player, parent, or coach).